La Jolla Presbyterian Church 2017 Reflections on Lent

La Jolla Presbyterian Church 2017 Reflections on Lent

Dear friends,

Soon after Jesus began His public ministry of teaching, preaching and healing, He started building his team of disciples. How excited they must have been to realize they had been chosen to change the world under the leadership of the Messiah. How stunned, however, they became when they realized that their journey with Christ led to sacrifice, suffering and the cross.

Life with our Lord is not pain free. Lent reminds us each year that pleasure, comfort and privilege are not what produces joy. The challenge of faithfulness will quite often mirror the heart and actions of Christ.

Together, let us commit to the journey, walk closely with God, and allow Him to teach us those everlasting truths that He wants us to know. TAKE SUNDAYS OFF FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL REFLECTION AS OUR LORD SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO YOUR HEART.

Together let us make Lent real and life changing.

                Rev. Stan Beard
                Spring 2017

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